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Scott Frank – Oak Harbor, Ohio
Inspirational Speaker | Internet Safety Expert
Retired Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator

Scott Frank, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Keynote Speaker


Digital Empowerment
Presentations for
5th through 12th Grade.


Digital Empowerment
Presentations for
Parents, Educators and Pastors. 

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about scott:

After an amazing 36 year career in law enforcement I retired to follow my passion to EMPOWER TEENS to make safe and healthy choices online and to EDUCATE PARENTS so they can support and guide their teens. As a former Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator my role was to traverse the internet posing as a child. The world I found myself in for over ten years was almost beyond descriptive words. I knew that my investigations were important and they were making a difference – one predator at a time. My heart told me I needed, and wanted to, do  more. I founded the DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT™ in 2017 and I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel the country sharing my perspective and presenting to teens, educators, counselors, youth pastors and parents.

When a speaker is passionate about their topic – it allows the presentation to be engaging and impactful leaving the attendees feeling informed and empowered.

An Unforgettable Experience

“Matt did an excellent job presenting his online and personal safety seminar for my class, and later that evening a group of parents. He hit on important information that people of all ages need to know to be safe and found a way to make even the most difficult subject matter age appropriate and non- threatening. Matt was highly approachable to parents, students and staff alike and worked in a collaborative fashion with our principal and teachers. His style is focused on empowerment (not fear) and at all times maintained a positive presence and reassuring atmosphere. He maintained a balance between the online risks and positive uses for technology and potential for social media to be a powerful tool that if used safely and responsibility can be used for goodness and kindness. I highly recommend Matt!”

Nicola Toomath, Teacher, V.P. Carswell Public School
Hastings Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB)

40,000+ TEENS EMPOWERED AND THOUSANDS OF parents and teachers educated!

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